Wrap Around Services

WRCLS Wrap Around Services

At WRCLS we recognize that legal issues seldom occur in isolation from other life problems – when it rains it pours. We also understand that legal problems often increase stress and exacerbate health problems. The Wrap Around Service program is available to people who would benefit from working with a social worker in collaboration with the legal team to holistically respond to a range of life’s issues.

Our social worker provides an enhanced level of service to people requiring assistance with navigating service systems and connecting to other community resources.

Referrals to the WAS program can be requested at any point during the time people are receiving legal help. Simply ask for the connection to be made. Sometimes the legal team member will identify issues that are better addressed through a social work approach and will ask your consent to include the social worker on your case.

The social worker is also available to consult with other community agencies to provide information about how to recognize legal problems and to connect their clients with the most appropriate legal resource to resolve issues.