Legal Health Checkup

WRCLS Legal Health Checkup

WRCLS has learned that too many people call the clinic “too late” for the clinic to be able to offer a remedy to their legal issue(s).

We also recognize that a small issue may cascade into numerous complex legal issues.

We believe there are several reasons why:

  • Some do not recognize their problem as a legal issue until it is a crisis
  • There can be barriers based on language, literacy, transportation, etc.
  • Some people have a complex situation/cluster of problems and distinguishing the legal part of the problem or making it a priority can be a challenge
  • Some people realize they have a legal problem but become ‘stuck’. They may be overwhelmed by the problem, or feel they are powerless to deal with the ‘authority’ – e.g. landlord, employer. Sometimes they even feel the legal clinic is and ‘authority’ that won’t be on their side.

How do we identify these issues? By using the Legal Health Checkup!

What is the Legal Health Checkup?

The Legal Health Checkup is a survey tool that allows WRCLS to identify multiple legal and non-legal issues that a person may be experiencing, but may not be aware that they are actually a legal issue. The LHC helps us to identify issues “upstream” and allows us an opportunity to try and find a solution to these everyday problems before they become a crisis situation.

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The Legal Health Checkup was created by Halton Community Legal Services to increase access to justice in Ontario.